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Better Hearing & Speech Month


Communication Builds Bridgest

2018 Better Hearing and Speech Month WINNERS


Congratulations to our winners!  And thanks to all students who submitted entries for the annual statewide Better Hearing and Speech Month coloring and essay contests.We are pleased to announce the grand prize winners and runners up in each category. Each student received a certificate and a monetary prize. 

Coloring Contest Winners

Coloring Page  

1st Place
Izzy Barrick
Paradise Elementary School
SLP - Sharon Luckenbaugh

Coloring Page  

2nd Place
Nathan Mish
Trinity North Elementary
SLP - Kelly Guarino

Coloring Page   3rd Place
Zak Huot
Nazareth Academy Grade School
SLP - Yevgeniya Abramov

Drawing Contest


1st Place
Nathan Gill
Resurrection Regional
SLP - Kimberly Lawson


2nd Place
Anthony Kushnar
Red Lion Elementary School
SLP - Melissa Zerumsky

Drawing-page   3rd Place
Ye Widjaja
Archbishop Ryan Academy for the Deaf
SLP - Monica Carr


Essay Contest

2018 Essay Winners (L-R): Hannah Martin, Jessie Shelderfer, Connor Stockton

Jessie Shelderfer -1st Place
Hopewell Elementary School
SLP – Karen King

Hi! I am Jessie and I go to speech class. When I little, I could not talk that well. No one could understand me, so my sister and I made up a language only me and my sister and my mom could understand. Then we started going to speech class when we were two. I still go to speech class today, but you can understand me because my speech teachers have helped me with my speech. I love my speech teachers because they have helped me say my sounds better, and people can understand me when I talk. I used to get made fun of a lot because of my speech, but I do not get made fun of as much anymore. Being able to improve how I speak has built bridges. I get less frustrated. I get made fun of less. I can communicate more easily. Thanks to everyone for helping me out with my speech.

Connor Stockton - Runner Up
Hopewell Elementary School
SLP – Karen King

My lacrosse team is undefeated this year. What makes a good lacrosse team is a team that communicates with each other. We communicate by saying, “Where’s my help? Here’s your help. Where are you? Point to where you are going to go. Look up to see who is going to cut into shoot. Pass to them.” You need to have faith in your team and yourself. You need to be bold. In conclusion, communication, both verbal and nonverbal communication is the bridge to winning.

Hannah Martin - Runner Up
Hopewell Elementary School
SLP – Karen King

I believe in the slogan “Communication Builds Bridges” because my older sister, Kaitlyn, helps others who are less fortunate solve their problems and live life to the fullest. Kaitlyn currently teaches English to children in Honduras and loves serving the people there. By learning English, children are more likely to experience a brighter future by getting a job and communicating with others. Communication will allow them to build bridges to deal with their problems and earn a living so they can enjoy life.





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