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2018 CONVENTION Handouts

Following are the handouts that have been provided to PSHA from this year's presenters. If the handout is not listed below, please check the website on a later date or the presenter will be providing the handout at the session.

Please note that handouts may take a few moments to download based on the size of the handouts, graphics contained in the handout, or speed of your internet connection.

Questions, contact the PSHA Office at or 412-366-9858


Short Course 1 Pediatric Neuromotor Speech Disorders: Diagnosis and Intervention Strategies
Short Course 2 Pediatric Dysphagia: A Case-Based Overview of Assessment and Treatment
Short Course 3 What Works: Evidence-Based Vocabulary Intervention in School-Aged Children
Short Course 4 Toss the Workbooks: Person-Centered, Functional Interventions for People With Dementia
Short Course 5 Clinical Intervention for Individuals With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Short Course 6 Applying I2 to Working With Families in Early Intervention
Short Course 7 Collaborating Across Disciplines to Support Children With Reading/Writing Disorders - UPDATED 3/21/18
Short Course 8 Dealing With Difficult People: Working With YOU is Killing ME!
Short Course 9 Curriculum-Based Evaluations for Students With Language Disorders
Short Course 10 Managing Unilateral, Mild, Moderate and Fluctuating Hearing Losses
Short Course 11 Functional Brain Injury Treatment Across the Severity and Setting Continuum
Short Course 13 Treatment of Language Disorders: What to do After Conversation
Short Course 14 Hearing Loss, Executive Functions and ToM: Audiologists and SLPs Collaborate
Short Course 16 Breathing, ICUs and the Future of Our Profession
Seminar 4 Establishing a Private Practice and Making It Work
Seminar 6 Follow the Leader: Aphasia Group Outcomes With Leadership Changes
Seminar 7 Using Virtual Dissection to Optimize Anatomy and Physiology Instruction
Seminar 8 Application of the Life Participation Approach: Primary Progressive Aphasia
Seminar 10 The Evolving Role of the SLP in Geriatric Preventative Medicine
Seminar 12 Adapting Thematic Language Lessons for Nonverbal and Low Language Learners
Seminar 14 Cognitive and Language Performance in Rheumatic Disease: A Preliminary Study
Seminar 15 Systematic Instruction and Technology to Improve Outcomes Following CVA
Seminar 17 University Forum
Seminar 18 What’s in a Word? Morphological Instruction to Build Better Vocabulary
Seminar 19 Use of Electronic Cognitive Assessments – What Have We Learned?
Seminar 20 Reading Between the Lines: Facilitating Comprehension for Readers With ASD
Seminar 21 Taking the Pulse of Healthcare
Seminar 22 ASHA and PSHA Peeps: We’ve Got Game!
Seminar 23 Feeding and Swallowing in Adults With Physical and Intellectual Impairments
Seminar 24 Developing Knowledge and Skills in Clinical Supervision for Practitioners
Seminar 25 Parallels and Overlap in TBI and Psychological Health Disorders
Seminar 26 What's Your Lens? Instrumentation and Advocacy in Dysphagia Management
Seminar 27 Service Delivery Models in Schools: Easy as 1, 2, 3?
Seminar 28 ICAN Talk With My Eyes: Evaluating Eye Tracking Access
Seminar 29 Implementing Evidence-Based Pediatric AAC Language Intervention
Seminar 30 Early Intervention Service Delivery in Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing
Seminar 31 Using Speech Science to Improve Clinical Decision Making in MSD
Technical Session 8 Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury: A Unique Opportunity for SLPs
Poster Cream Soups Versus Thickened Liquids: A Viscosity Comparison
Poster Cut Throat Therapy: ACDF - Implications on Swallow Function
Poster Early Speech Sound Development Gender Differences in Children With SSDs
Poster Return to Work and School Outcomes After Neurological Cognitive Rehabilitation
Poster Social and Behavioral Challenges for Young Children With SSD
Poster The Language of Stories
Poster The SLP's Role in Literacy Development and Intervention
Poster Using Narrow and Global Measures to Identify Children With LI


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