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Following are the handouts that have been provided to PSHA from this year's presenters. If the handout is not listed below, please check the website on a later date or the presenter will be providing the handout at the session.

Please note that handouts may take a few moments to download based on the size of the handouts, graphics contained in the handout, or speed of your internet connection.

Questions, contact the PSHA Office at or 412-366-9858

Short Course 1 Neuroscience Update for K-12 Students With Language and Reading Problems - UPDATED 4/5/17
Short Course 2 The Effects of Poverty on Language and Cognitive Development - UPDATED 4/5/17
Short Course 3 Autism Spectrum Disorders: New Causation Research and Evidenced-Based Interventions - UPDATED 4/5/17
Short Course 5 Living With Hearing Loss: Managing Oneself: Learning and Practicing Emotional Regulation
Short Course 6 Assessment and Treatment of Cognitive Disorders in Children and Adults - UPDATED 4/5/17
Short Course 8 Living With Hearing Loss: Managing Communication Situations - UPDATED 3/22/2017
Short Course 9 Moving Beyond Aspiration: Dysphagia Considerations at End of Life
Short Course 10 YIKES! Addressing Challenges in Clinical Teachinge
Seminar 4 Effective Speech-Language Evaluation for School SLPs: The Building Blocks
Seminar 6 University Forum
Seminar 7 Evidence Based Practice: Achievable Utopia or Guiding Ideal?
Seminar 12 Analyzing Language Samples from Speakers of Nonmainstream English Dialects
Seminar 13 Alternative Approaches to Social Pragmatic Treatment
Seminar 15 Supporting Speech and Language Development Through "Family-Friendly" Routines-Based Intervention
Seminar 18 Medicaid Basics
Seminar 21 Selective Mutism: Speech/Language Assessment and Treatment Through Case Presentations
Seminar 22 Using Informational Texts to Achieve Language Treatment Goals
Seminar 24 Compelling Case Studies & Research: PROMPT in Action
Seminar 27 Early Intervention With Young Children With Autism
Technical Session 2 Video Visual Scene Displays to Enhance Participation in Community Activities




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