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Better Hearing & Speech Month


Communication is Power. It Can Change the World!

2019 Better Hearing and Speech Month WINNERS


Congratulations to our winners!  And thanks to all students who submitted entries for the annual statewide Better Hearing and Speech Month coloring and essay contests.We are pleased to announce the grand prize winners and runners up in each category. Each student received a certificate and a monetary prize. 

Coloring Contest Winners

Coloring Page  

1st Place
Ada Chamberlin
Mountain View Elementary
SLP - Karen Galvin

coloring page  

2nd Place
Joseph Hagelin
Salisbury Elementary
SLP - Lauren LeFever

Coloring Page   3rd Place
Gabrielle Fulham
Red Lion Elementary
SLP - Melissa Zerumsky

Drawing Contest


1st Place
Ethan Roudabush
Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary
SLP - Denelle Diehl


2nd Place
Allison Cosklo
Mountain View Elementary
SLP - Karen Galvin

Drawing-page   3rd Place
Ysa LePage

Edgeworth Elementary
SLP - Christine Proctor


Essay Contest

Ryleigh Kilmer -1st Place
Mountain View Elementary
SLP –Karen Galvin

My interpretation of your 2019 slogan “Communication is power. It can change the world!” may be different than others. Other students may state that communication helps us get things completed. However my point of view digs for a deeper thought. I believe your words are very meaningful. I think that this slogan means we can use communication to allow everyone to express their personalities the way they are comfortable. If we are all willing to listen, we can discover amazing things about each other, and make new friends! Lastly, why just May? Better yet … let’s communicate exceptionally every day!

Ghina Basmaji - Runner Up
St. Lucy’s School for the Blind
SLP – Monica Carr

I think the slogan, “Communication is Power. It Can Change the World!” means that it is fun and important to try to learn more than one language. My family and I were born in Syria and we all speak Arabic. I love to speak Arabic. I have also been learning to read, write and speak English in America for three years now. I am a 6th grad student at St. Lucy’s Day School. In my classroom, I have friends who know sign language. They have been teaching me the alphabet and some different signs in sign language. I know the whole alphabet in sign language now! I believe I can change the world by teaching other students the languages that I am learning.

Kyla Carberry- Runner Up
St. Lucy’s School for the Blind
SLP – Monica Carr

Some reasons why communication is power is power. You can talk to people in different tones of voice. The other person can tell if someone is in trouble or being loved. A reason why communication changes the world. Without communication the world would be dark with just human beings that stare at each other. We all love communication. We should all use it.





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