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iPad Use by Audiologists and Speech Pathologists in PA

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Act 48
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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Teaching Certification
Continuing Education -
Act 48
Voluntary Inactive Certificate
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Licensure
Continuing Education -
Act 71
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Registration for Assistants

Resouces developed by the Pennsylvania State Advisory Council on Personnel Shortages (PSAC-PS)




Practice Resources:
Pennsylvania State Advisory Council on Personnel Shortages (PSAC-PS)

PSAC-PS has developed the following materials
for your information:

SLP Guide to Questions about Salary and Benefits

SLP Guide to Becoming an SLP in Early Intervention in Pennsylvania

Professional Certification Guidelines: A Comparative Table

Support Strategies for Attracting SLPs to Public School Education

Guide to Becoming a Speech-Language Pathology Supervisor in the Schools of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

School Speech and Language Pathology Telepractice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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