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2019 CONVENTION Handouts

Following are the handouts that have been provided to PSHA from this year's presenters. If the handout is not listed below, please check the website on a later date or the presenter will be providing the handout at the session.

Please note that handouts may take a few moments to download based on the size of the handouts, graphics contained in the handout, or speed of your internet connection.

Questions, contact the PSHA Office at or 412-366-9858


Short Course 1 - Semantic Feature Analysis: From Naming to Discourse and Beyond Handouts will be provided on-site.
Short Course 2 - Add a Little SUGAR to Your Language Sampling Handouts will be provided on-site. Make sure to bring laptop with downloaded documents (previously emailed to Short Course 2 registrants.)
Seminar 3 PAcceptance and Commitment Therapy 101: An Experiential Learning Session
Seminar 4 EBP vs PBE: While We All Scream For Ice Cream!
Seminar 5 Getting Started in Assessment/Treatment Planning for Children With Selective Mutism
Seminar 6 Service Learning: The Best We Have to Offer
Seminar 7 Tools and Strategies for Designing an AAC Therapy Camp Program
Seminar 9 AAC Considerations for Promoting Language Development and Classroom Participation, Part 1
Seminar 11 Mindfulness 101: Experiencing Your Mind and the Neurology Behind It
Seminar 13 Triadic Collaboration in a Preschool Classroom to Support Inclusive Practice
Seminar 15 AAC Considerations for Promoting Language Development and Classroom Participation, Part 2
Seminar 16 Clinician-Friendly Discourse Assessment for Aphasia
Seminar 17 How Can I Use the Language and Literacy Pyramid?
Seminar 18 Taking The Pulse of Health Care: New Rules, Evolving Practice
Seminar 19 Treating Selective Mutism as a Speech-Language Pathologist
Seminar 20 Values-Based Living: Determining What Matters to Us and Our Clients
Seminar 21 Beyond Requesting: AAC and ASD for the SLP
Seminar 24 Let it Go, Let it Go: Experiencing Thought Defusion
Seminar 25 Multi-Level Treatment Approaches for Aphasia
Seminar 27 How to Find and Implement Free and Low-Cost EBP
Seminar 35 Early Exposure to Visual Language for Children Who are Deaf
Seminar 28 Social Language Training Within School-Based Collaborative Approaches
Seminar 36, 41, 46 & 49 Neurophysiology of Speech Perception, Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4
Seminar 37 What Every School-Based SLP Needs to Know
Seminar 38 Empowering Families to Facilitate Language Development With Their Deaf Child
Seminar 39 A Primer in Phonetics
Seminar 40 Implementing Behavior Strategies To Facilitate Successful AAC Use
Seminar 43 Attitudes, Accommodations and Advocacy, Oh My!
Seminar 42 Problem Based Learning: Teaching as We Practice in Speech-Language Pathology
Seminar 44 Building a Successful Interprofessional Education Framework Across Health Science Disciplines
Seminar 45 Evaluation and Treatment Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders: The Dilemma
Seminar 47 Objective Review of Therapies for Agrammatism Due to Aphasia
Seminar 48 Facilitating Early Development Using Daily Routines
Seminar 50 PROMPT Assessment and Treatment: Integrating the Cognitive-Linguistic and Social-Emotional Domains
Seminar 51 Reconsidering Swallowing: What is Normal?
Seminar 52 The Use of Virtual Dissection to Teach Anatomy and Physiology to Undergraduate Students - UPDATED 4/4/19
Seminar 53 Determining Client Candidacy for Telepractice
Seminar 57 Private Practice Essentials: Starting and Growing Your Own Business
Seminar 59 Fluency Plus: Managing Fluency Disorders in Clients With Multiple Diagnoses
Seminar 60 Aspiration: What Do We Know and the Evidence Concerning Typical Treatment Approaches
Seminar 61 Counseling: A Vital Skill for SLPs
Seminar 63 Dysphagia Management: Compensation or Rehabilitation
Seminar 64 Functional Language Intervention: Why and How
Seminar 65 Adding the Early Start Denver Model to Early Intervention
Seminar 66 How Can SLPs Help Enhance Communication Skills in Selective Mutism?
Seminar 67 R Made Simple - Innovative Methodology For 'R' Articulation
Seminar 68 Myth vs. Fact in Bilingual Language Development: Considerations for Assessment/Intervention
Seminar 69 The Challenges of Autism and Aging
Tech Session 3 Language Screener Performance by Early and Late Four Year Olds
Tech Session 7 Role of Training and Evaluating Self-Care Ability in Laryngectomy Population
Poster A Comparative Analysis of Single-Word Speech Assessments
Poster Evaluating Cognitive-Linguistic Deficits After Treatment for Primary Brain Tumors
Poster The Effects of Online Training on Pre-Service SLP Adapted Literacy Instruction


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