Why Join PSHA?


The Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association can help address your concerns on these vital issues:

  • Case selection and caseload size in the schools
  • Inclusion of treatment for speech, language and hearing problems in insurance plans.
  • Assurance that services to the public are delivered by professionals with the highest level credentials.
  • Improvement of reimbursements for speech and hearing services provided for preschool children.
  • Recognition of speech-language pathologists, audiologists and teachers of the hearing-impaired as heathcare providers that can receive direct reimbursement from insurance carriers.

Benefits of Membership

Forum for Professional/Work Issues

  • Professional Standards
  • PSHA Annual Convention


  • PSHA Website
  • The¬†Keystater¬†(PSHA’s newsletter)
  • PSHA Journal
  • Special Mailings
  • Eblasts

Continued Education

  • Priority Notification
  • Reciprocity with Neighboring States
  • PSHA Annual Convention
  • Town Halls
  • Online Seminars


  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Task Forces
  • Client Advocacy
  • ASHA Open House


  • A Legislative Voice


  • PSHA Annual Convention

Membership Rates

The PSHA membership year is from January 1 to December 31. Rates are based on the type of membership and the number of years joined.

Membership Category 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Professional/Provisional $75 $140 $180
Professional/Provisional – Regional Membership $80 $150 $195
Recent Graduate $55 $120 $160
Recent Graduate – Regional Membership $60 $130 $175
Student/Associate $37.50 $70 $90
Student/Associate – Regional Membership $40 $75 $97.50

PSHA Membership Categories

  • Professional Membership
    Master’s degree or equivalent in speech-language pathology, audiology or education of the hearing impaired.
  • Provisional Professional Membership
    Bachelor’s degree in speech-language pathology, audiology or education of the hearing impaired.
  • Associate Membership
    Person such as advocates, parents or administrators, interested in the objectives of PSHA, but not eligible for other memberships.
  • Life Membership
    Professional membership for a period of 15 consecutive years immediately prior to application. Must have attained the age of 65.
  • Recent Graduate
    An individual who has completed a graduate program within the past year.
  • Student Membership
    Full-time students working toward a degree in speech pathology, audiology, or education of the hearing impaired.

PSHA/Regional Memberships
Join PSHA and a Regional Group together. When you become a PSHA member, also become a member of either the South Western Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association (SWPSHA) or the North Eastern Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NESHAP).