Welcome to the advocacy section of the PSHA website.  This section will provide updated legislation for both federal and local affairs, as well as opportunity to support legislation.  Also, links to the ASHA advocacy page and contacts will be provided. The goal is to allow easy access and continued growth with advocacy.

Updated September 20, 2022

ASLP-IC: The board is aware of specific hurdles regarding FBI background checks at the national level and will continue to monitor this issue.

HB 2169: Lifeline Scholarship legislation. PSHA sent a letter to the Senate Education Committee stating its opposition to the bill.

PA Department of Education: PSHA reached out to PDE to clarify current international students’ law and is gathering additional information on this issue. PSHA also scheduled a PDE meeting regarding certification, in October.

International Students/SLP: PSHA is sending out a survey to initiate advocacy against the limitations placed on students or SLPs in the school setting if the individual doesn’t have a green card or work visa.

Insurance provider changes: Submitted letters to the Department of Health and Department of Insurance about insurance provider changes impacting coverage.

SB 225: Insurance Prior Authorization for medical services. PSHA sent a letter to the house insurance committee members in support of this bill.

2022 State Affairs Forum
Download/View this Powerpoint presentation, 2022 State Affairs Forum #2 Master Deck.pptx.

Telemedicine Provisions
Temporary telemedicine provisions will expire June 30, 2022. Please consider contacting your legislators to support continued access to telepractice services. PSHA has developed a template e-mail that you can download here:

ASHA’s State Advocates for Medicare Policy (StAMP) Network
Joanne Mizii Wisely MA CCC/SLP FNAP

ASHA Stated Education Advocacy Leader (SEALs)
Hope Warner

ASHA State Advocate for Reimbursement (STARs)
Caterina Staltari (SLP)

Legislative Alerts

Recording: ASLP-IC Legislative Summit
Due to a large number of requests, we are distributing the recording and slide deck from the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Legislative Summit to all invitees and participants.

PA Professional Licensing Waivers Expiring →

State and Federal Legislative Alerts →

ASHA Advocacy

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PSH-PAC is the PSHA Political Action Committee, organized to encourage and facilitate members’ participation in the policy making process of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is registered through the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Campaign Finance.

PSH-PAC, the Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Political Action Committee, encourages and facilitates participation by members of our profession in the electoral and policymaking processes.

PSH-PAC is non-partisan and supports candidates for state office and legislators whose records and policy positions have demonstrated support of the policy goals of the Association in areas such as education and health care.

Legislation enacted by the PA General Assembly can have important consequences for members of the profession and persons with speech, language, hearing and swallowing disorders. The PSH-PAC provides members of our profession with an important vehicle for participating in the political process and helping to choose members of government who share in our policy goals and espouse positions favorable to people with communication disorders and other disabilities. Because of voluntary contributions from its members, PSHA can make contributions to campaigns of candidates for and legislators in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate.

Please consider a donation to the PSH-PAC Fund Drive at one of the giving levels listed below:

$20-49 Bronze PAC Member Thank you letter
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$50-99 Silver PAC Member Thank you letter
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$100 and above Gold PAC Member Thank you letter
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Personal recognition at Annual Luncheon

Quarterly payments may be made for contribution of $200 or more.
Contributions are not tax-deductible.

PSH-PAC Contribution Form

I understand that my contribution is voluntary and will help support governmental officials who care about and work for my profession.
Contact Information:
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Mail to:
700 McKnight Park Drive
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PSH-PAC cannot accept corporate checks or cash.

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  1. I hate politics. Why should I donate to PSH-PAC?
    PSH-PAC is nonpartisan and exists to support candidates and current lawmakers who support the issues that are important to our profession and our clients/students/patients.
  2. How does PSHA decide which candidates to support? I do not want my money going to a candidate I would not support.
    Donations to PSH-PAC are made only with board approval (we need to look at policy here and be sure this is true). Donations are made on a communication/swallowing disorders basis and not based on political party ideology.
  3. Why are donations not tax deductible?
    Donations to PACs are not tax deductible as this is federal law, not PSHA policy.