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Live Webinar: January 12-13, 2024Challenges and Solutions for Infants and Children with Complex Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Live Webinar: January 12-13, 2024
8:40 am EST • 7:40 am CST • 6:40 am MST • 5:40 am PST (US)

Sponsored by: Education Resources, Inc.
Live Webinar for Pediatric Therapists. Complete Both Sessions for 14 Contact Hours (1.4 CEUs)

Course Faculty – Joan Arvedson, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Challenges with infants and children demonstrating complex swallowing and feeding disorders are addressed in a holistic evidence-based framework that considers interrelating systems. Populations range from newborn infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) through children in school based & rehabilitation settings. Problem solving/intervention will be addressed through lecture, videos, and case analyses. Functional outcomes are emphasized through targeted intervention strategies based on sensorimotor learning principles and consideration of neural plasticity. Problem areas include: airway (e.g., laryngomalacia, laryngeal cleft, vocal fold paralysis, tracheostomy/ventilator); GI tract (e.g., gastroesophageal reflux, eosinophilic esophagitis); nutrition/hydration; advancing feeding in NICU and beyond to include tongue & lip tie; tube feeding & weaning; barriers to oral feeding & intervention strategies with; picky/finicky eaters. Discussions will include the urgent need for specific measurable outcomes and pros/cons for varied frequency and intensity of direct and indirect interventions/therapies.

Registration Link: https://educationresourcesinc.com/courses/2024-01-12/challenges-and-solutions-for-infants-and-children-with-complex-feeding-and-swallowing-disorders-live-webinar-two-sessions-11/ Email: info@educationresourcesinc.com Phone: 800-487-6530

Live Webinar: January 19-20, 2024Feeding Tiny Humans: Strategies for “Typical” to Troubled Premature and Medically Complex Babies

Live Webinar: January 19-20, 2024
9:40 am EST • 8:40 am CST • 7:40 am MST • 6:40 am PST (US)

Sponsored by: Education Resources, Inc.
Live Webinar for Pediatric Therapists. Complete both sessions for 12 Contact Hours (1.2 CEUs).

Course Faculty – Shanna Semmler, OTD, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC

Course Description: Learn to evaluate infant feeding performance and provide evidence-supported interventions to maximize infants’ outcomes. We’ll discuss diagnostic tools for bedside evaluation, cervical auscultation, modified barium swallow studies and specific medical comorbidities seen in the NICU setting and how these influence the therapy pathway. In addition, we’ll review the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative and its impact on infant oral feeding. The developmental specialists’ role in oral motor assessment and interventions to support infant feeding in the NICU will be discussed including how to support infants’ care team members in providing best practice care. This course will include lecture, small group discussion, and clinical scenarios with video to enhance observation skills of attendees.

Registration Link: https://educationresourcesinc.com/courses/2024-01-19/feeding-tiny-humans-strategies-for-typical-to-troubled-premature-and-medically-complex-babies-live-webinar-two-sessions-6/ Email: info@educationresourcesinc.com Phone: 800-487-6530

Live Webinar: April 4-5, 2024Birth to Three Conference

April 4-5, 2024
Sponsored by:
Education Resources, Inc.

This two-day virtual Birth to Three Conference is geared towards Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Special Educators, Assistants and more who work in a variety of pediatric settings including early intervention, hospital inpatient and outpatient, outpatient private practice, rehab, home care, or specialty clinic and want to advance their hands-on skills and strategies when treating the birth to 3 population. Choose your track from the two days that best meets your educational needs!

ERI understands the value and positive impact a strong foundation can provide in the birth to three population. Through our evidence-based content, therapists can enhance infant and toddler development supporting the whole child and their family. Applicable and relevant topics in the birth to three field will be presented to strengthen the building blocks and lay a strong foundation to enhance the future growth and development of the child.

Registration Link: https://educationresourcesinc.com/conference/birth-to-three-annual-conference-2024/ Email: info@educationresourcesinc.com Phone: 800-487-6530